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AUTCASTS is a project by AUTENTIEK: Christian accompaniment, help, support, coaching and advise.The goal of AUTCASTS is to promote the independence and social integration of young people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The basis for achieving this is found in gaming. But why gaming? It's addictive right? Well... there is something more to say about that.


The seriousness of the ASD problem, the personality development and the intellectual possibilities, but also the immediate environment of a person with ASD play an important role. The more they are willing to delve into the ASD problem, take into account the (im) possibilities of this handicap and make the necessary (individual) adjustments, the better the participation will be.


Autism is an incurable neurobiological disorder. This disrupts the growth and development of the brain and has the consequence that the processing of information and the reproduction of this information (severely) limited.

As a result, people with autism perceive differently than neurotypic people. Autism therefore has a genetic cause, which means that no medicine can be developed for it. However, medication can be given for curing or suppressing the symptoms of that additional restriction (s) or undesirable behavior. All people with autism have difficulties to a greater or lesser extent with:

  • social relations,
  • love and sexuality,
  • (non-)verbal communication language comprehension,
  • play and imagination,
  • cause and effect,
  • planning,
  • abstraction,
  • changes.

Early diagnosis and treatment can sometimes limit the effects of autism and promote personal development.

What we do

Participation, integration and personal development 

Competitive gaming

Team Building, training leadership and cooperation through competitive gaming.

Social Network 

Form a (small) social network with your team-mates. Together you can make the difference.

Inspire and learn

Grow in personal development and be proud at yourself. Possibly (re)start education and maybe even find a job, all supported by AUTCASTS.

Get to work 

Build websites based on wordpress, assemble gaming pc’s and lots more.

The Management Team

Kees van Dorsten


Heleen van Dorsten

Human resource and coaching

Arjan van Dorsten

Webdesign and System Control 

Tim van Dorsten 

Project manager and PR

AUTCASTS - Participation and growth through gaming.

AUTCASTS is a project by AUTENTIEK and is partially dependent on donations and sponsors.


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